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Fourteenth Australasian Bayesian Network Modelling Society Conference (ABNMS2022)
November 14-15, 2022 : Workshops
November 16-17, 2022 : Conference


November 16-17, 2022
Auditorium, Chau Chak Wing Museum, University Place, The University of Sydney, Camperdown Campus
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Please note all times are Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)

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Please note no food or drink can be consumed in the Museum outside of the Auditorium or the Sounds Cafe.

PDF of full conference & workshop program

Wednesday 16th: Conference Day 1

8:40Registration & setup
9:00Welcome and conference opening
Session 1: Health
9:10COVID-19 Project Update: Generative modelling in COVID-19 Thomas Parr
9:55COVID-19 Project Update: COVID-19 progression calculator Steven Mascaro
9:55COVID-19 Project Update: Implementing a risk-benefit calculator for COVID-19 vaccine Helen Mayfield
9:55Urinary tract infections in children: building a causal model-based decision support tool for diagnosis with domain knowledge and prospective data Jessica Ramsay, Steven Mascaro, Anita Campbell, David Foley, Ariel Mace, Paul Ingram, Meredith Borland, Christopher Blyth, Nicholas Larkins, Tim Robertson, Phoebe Williams, Tom Snelling and Yue Wu
10:40Eliciting expert knowledge to build a causal model of infection in children Ariel Mace, Yue Wu, Andrew Martin, Peter Richmond, Steven Mascaro and Thomas Snelling
11:25A Bayesian network to facilitate detection and management of chronic wet cough in primary care clinics Steven Mascaro, Pamela Laird, Gloria Lau, Anne Chang, Maree Toombs, Roz Walker, Peter Morris, Gabrielle McCallum, Richard Norman and Andre Schultz
11:45Morning Tea
Session 2: Environmental Hazards and Climate Change
12:05Climate change and major challenges Qaisar Ali
12:10RiverWatch: 'nowcasting' recreational water quality in urban estuaries using Bayesian Networks Simon Lloyd, Guido Carvajal, Nerida Taylor, Paul Osmond, David Roser and Stuart Khan
12:30Modelling historical shoreline changes using Bayesian network model in Nanumea, Tuvalu. Shannon Bengtson, Elizabeth Keller, Annemarie Christophersen, Moritz Wandres, Antonio Espejo and Herve Damlamlian
12:50Predicting Effects of Climate Change and Sea-Level Rise on Wetlands of the Pacific Coast, USA Bruce Marcot, Karen Thorne, Joel Carr and Glenn Guntenspergen
13:10Achieving human and ecosystem health benefits through integrated watershed management: improving disease prevention and marine environments in Fiji Ama Wakwella, Carissa Klein, Amelia Wenger, Stacy Jupiter, Helen Mayfield, Aaron Jenkins and Collen Lau
Invited Speaker
14:30Active Inference Thomas Parr
Session 3: Tool Developments (part 1)
15:30CAT: The Causal Attribution Tool Kevin Korb, Steven Mascaro, Erik Nyberg and Yang Li
15:50Afternoon Tea
Session 4: Defence
16:10A stochastic model for assessing Defence capability options Minh-Tuan Nguyen, James Peacock and Andrew Coutts
16:30An Overview of the Bayesian Elicitation Support Tool Timothy Heseltine, Hannah Gallant, Ivo Widjaja, Kerryn Owen, James Peacock, Michael Galister and Minh-Tuan Nguyen
16:50Annual General Meeting
17:30Day End
18:30ABNMS Conference Dinner

Thursday 17th: Conference Day 2

8:40Day Start
Tool Developments (part 2)
8:40Tools for Elicitation of Continuous Probability Distributions for Bayesian Networks Marek Druzdzel
Session 5: Environment
9:00Predicting invasiveness of a global pathogen Peter Scott, Bruce Marcot and Treena Burgess
9:20Exploring volcanic monitoring and eruption data with Uninet Annemarie Christophersen, Anca Hanea, Yannik Behr and Craig Miller
9:40A modified Bayesian Network model of a scenario study for risk management related to shark-human interactions Gang Xie, Peter Simmons, Michael Mehmet, Belinda Curley, Nicola Ivory, Kane Callaghan and Kim Wolfenden
10:00Where the bee sucks, there suck I An integrating decision support system for pollinator abundance Martine Barons and Aditi Shenvi
10:20Green fire breaks, can they work? Erica Marshall, Kate Parkins, Trent Penman
10:40Morning Tea
Session 6: Methods
11:10Making equivalent sample size an integral part of Bayesian network modelling practices Steven Mascaro
11:30Are bibliometric characteristics of a paper and of its authors good predictors of a paper's citation score? An application of learning and validating continuous BNs for highly skewed distributions. Tina Nane and Anca Hanea
11:50Structure Elicitation Approaches for Bayesian Networks: A Survey Ross Pearson, Steven Mascaro and Ann Nicholson
12:10A Framework for fake news detection on Social Media: A Probabilistic Reasoning Approach Mehreen Rashid, Fabliha Anber and Md Samiullah
Session 7: Health
13:30Evaluating complementary diagnostic markers for lymphatic filariasis surveillance in American Samoa Helen Mayfield, Patricia Graves and Colleen Lau
13:50Can we control antimicrobial resistance through effective education and better diagnosis? Yue Wu, Tom Snelling and Mark Tanaka
14:10Data Driven modelling of antimicrobial resistance using Bayes Nets, regression and primary statistical analyses David Roser, Henrietta Venter, Sylvia Sapula and Michael Short
14:30Designing clinical trials using causal models Tom Snelling, Yue Wu, Charlie McLeod, Andre Schultz, Steven Mascaro, Owen Woodberry
14:50Afternoon Tea
Panel Discussion
15:20The future of Bayesian Network Modelling Anca Hanea, Ann Nicholson, Bruce Marcot, Martine Barons, Tom Snelling, Trent Penman
16:20Wrap up
16:35Day End

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