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About the Bayesian Network Modelling Association

The purpose of the Bayesian Network Modelling Association (BNMA) is to promote the understanding and use of Bayesian network (BN) models in scientific, industrial and research applications. The BNMA aims to provide opportunities for BN modellers to exchange ideas and socialize, by organising conferences and regular events, as well as maintaining mailing lists for discussion.

The BNMA constitution can be found on the constitution page.

BNMA 2023 Brisbane: Expanding Horizons - BNs and beyond

November 1st - 3rd, University of Queensland St Lucia, Workshops October 30th - 31st

The 2023 Bayesian Network Modelling Association (BNMA) conference has been announced for the 1st - 3rd of November in Brisbane! In a nod to the Association's rebranding (formerly ABNMS, the Australasian Bayesian Network Modelling Society), this year's exciting conference theme is "Expanding Horizons - BNs and Beyond". We still love Bayesian networks, but let's not forget they are just one technique in an ever-expanding landscape of options for modelling the world we live in. How are these other techniques different to BNs? Are BNs ready to play nice with deep learning? Can they compete with (or complement) systems dynamics, structured equation modelling, Bayesian hierarchical models and classical statistical models?

The call for abstracts is open. We are inviting abstracts that explore the relationships with other techniques and how BNs can be adapted to take advantage of advances in those. Of course, we are also super-keen to hear about traditional or innovations in BN models on any topic including environment, health, defence, commerce, education or culture.

Our Brisvegas conference venue will be the stunning University of Queensland St Lucia Campus, a short bus ride from Central Brisbane. As well as the ever-popular introduction to BN workshops on the 30th and 31st of October, there will also be a student session for those who aren't quite ready to present, but would still be excited to informally discuss their work and get feedback and ideas from (very friendly!) experts in the field.

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