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Workshop Schedule
Session ID Topic Presenter Authors Start Time (Europe CEST, GMT+2) Finish Time (Europe CEST, GMT+2)
Welcome V Anne Smith 8:50 am 9:00 am
Presentation (P1) A Review of Bayesian Modelling Methods for Gene Regulatory Network Inference [PDF] Hamda Ajmal (in-person) Hamda Ajmal and Michael Madden 9:00 am 9:20 am
Presentation (P2) Genes and Bayesian networks: a strategic approach to poultry and stress [PDF] Emiliano Ariel Videla Rodriguez (in-person) Emiliano Ariel Videla Rodriguez, John B.O. Mitchell and V. Anne Smith 9:20 am 9:40 am
Presentation (P3) A novel integration of Dynamic Bayesian Networks and Non-Additive modelling to study ecological resilience [PDF] Edwin Hui (in-person) Edwin Hui, Richard Stafford, Iain M Matthews and V Anne Smith 9:40 am 10:00 am
Coffee Break 10:00 am 10:30 am
Presentation (P4) Kernel learning for Interpretable Climate Science [PDF] Vidhi Lalchand (remote) Vidhi Lalchand, Kenza Tazi, Talay Cheema, Richard Turner and Scott Hosking 10:30 am 10:50 am
Spotlight (S1) COVID-I: A Causal DBN Calculator for Informing Hospital COVID-19 Progression [PDF] Ross Pearson (in-person) Eric Ross Pearson, Steven Mascaro, Yue Wu, Owen Woodberry, Erik Nyberg, Jessica Ramsay, Ann Nicholson and Tom Snelling 10:50 am 10:55 am
Spotlight (S2) User-centric Music Recommendations [PDF] Jaime Ramírez Castillo (remote) Jaime Ramirez Castillo, M. Julia Flores and Ann E. Nicholson 10:55 am 11:00 am
Spotlight (S3) Robust Identification of Determinants of Physical Activity Behaviour Change [PDF] Arjen Hommersom (in-person) Arjen Hommersom, Simone Tummers, Catherine Bolman, Roger Bemelmans and Lilian Lechner 11:00 am 11:05 am
Poster Session 11:05 am 12:00 pm
Panel Discussion Topic: “Working at the Interface” Panelists: Hamda Ajmal, Norman Fenton, Ross Pearson, Marco Scutari Moderator: V Anne Smith 12:00 pm 12:45 pm
Lunch Break 12:45 pm 14:15 pm
Presentation (P5) Untangling interdependencies of antibiotic misuse and socioeconomic factors in Urinary Tract Infections in Tanzania: a case for Bayesian [PDF] Madeleine C Clarkson (in-person) Madeleine C Clarkson, V Anne Smith and Katherine L Keenan 14:15 pm 14:35 pm
Presentation (P6) Treatment of Missing Data in Bayesian Network Structure Learning: The Case of Social Scientific Healthcare Data [PDF] Xuejia Ke (remote) Xuejia Ke, V Anne Smith and Katherine Keenan 14:35 pm 14:55 pm
Presentation (P7) Using Bayesian Networks to model coffee flowering in Central America [PDF] Leonel Lara Estrada (remote) Leonel Lara Estrada and Luis Enrique Sucar 14:55 pm 15:15 pm
Coffee Break 15:15 pm 15:45 pm
Presentation (P8) Hierarchical Bayesian Regression for Multi-Location Sales Transaction Forecasting [PDF] John Mark Agosta (remote) John Mark Agosta and Mario Inchiosa 15:45 pm 16:05 pm
Presentation (P9) Development of a Bayesian Network to Model Malicious Cyber-Activity in Operational Technology Environments [PDF] Lee Maccarone and Scott Bowman (remote) Lee Maccarone, Dennis Buede, Scott Bowman, Charles Burdick, Macleod Bracken, Jeremy Jones and Gabriel Weaver 16:05 pm 16:25 pm
Spotlight (S4) A Mixed-Methods Approach to Poor Disclosure Detection [PDF] Ross Pearson (in-person) Eric Ross Pearson, Eden Smith, Jinming Zhao, Chan Cheah, Wray Buntine and Ann Nicholson 16:25 pm 16:30 pm
Spotlight (S5) Bayesian Networks vs. Conditional Trees for Creating Questions for Forecasting Tournaments [PDF] Richard Gruetzemacher (remote) Richard Gruetzemacher 16:30 pm 16:35 pm
Spotlight (S6) Redeeming Data Science by Decision Modelling [PDF] John Mark Agosta (remote) John Mark Agosta and Robert Horton 16:35 pm 16:40 pm
Poster Session 16:40 pm 17:30 pm
Close V Anne Smith 17:30 pm 17:35 pm
Workshop Reception 18:00 pm