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Hylurgus Flight Activity

This Bayesian network was developed to model the flight activity of Hylurgus ligniperda as a function of meteorological conditions. H. ligniperda is a common forest insect within New Zealand Pinus radiata plantations forests. Predicting flight activity is one step towards assessing potential phytosanitary risks of forest exports as it is an indication of the exposure of logs to flying/dispersing insects.

The data set for this model can be found at <>.

Pawson, S.M., Marcot, B.G., Woodberry, O.W.
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Pawson, S.M., Marcot, B.G. & Woodberry, O.G. (2017) Predicting forest insect flight activity: A Bayesian network approach. PloS one, 12(9):e0183464, Public Library of Science
Biology > Ecology
August 2017