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Assessing Environmental Injury - Reference Sites Only

This model is a variant of the "Assessing Environmental Injury - Main Model", here for reference sites only, showing the probability of environmental injury on a hypothetical endangered bird species (Pine Dipper) that is potentially affected by stressors from acid mine drainage (AMD) source. The stressors here are copper (Cu) and water pH affecting the Pine Dipper directly and indirectly through macroinvertebrate prey. This was built for the Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration (NRDAR) program in the U.S., and appears as Supporting Information Figure S1 in Rowland et al. (in press).

Freya E. Rowland, Christopher J. Kotalik, Bruce G. Marcot
Netica .dne format
Rowland, F.E., Kotalik, C.J., Marcot, B.G., Hinck, J.E. & Walters, D.M. (2023) A novel approach to assessing natural resource injury with Bayesian networks. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management, Wiley Online Library
Earth Science
August 2023