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The 15th Bayesian Network Modelling Association Conference (BNMA2023)
October 30-31, 2023 : Workshops
Brisbane, Australia
November 1-3, 2023 : Conference


November 1-3, 2023
Room 309, Steele Building, University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus
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Please note all times are Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

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Wednesday 1st: Conference Day 1

9:00Opening address and Acknowledgment of Country
9:15Keynote introduction Helen Mayfield
9:20Keynote: Partitioning directed acyclic graphs into clusters to minimise arbitrary dependent costs Paul Wu
10:15Morning Tea
Session 1: Environmental Hazards and Climate Change
10:35Session opening Chair: Steven Mascaro
10:40Modelling shoreline change in atoll islands using Bayesian networks - A case study in Nanumea, Tuvalu. Shannon Bengtson, Elizabeth Keller, Annemarie Christophersen
11:00Evolution of Bayesian network models of polar bears under changing Arctic conditions: Key roles of ongoing research, expert knowledge, and uncertainties Bruce Marcot, Todd Atwood, David Douglas, Jeffrey Bromaghin, Anthony Pagano, Steven Amstrup
11:20An ecosystem of models: closing the gap on mine site rehabilitation Amina Akbar, Benjamin J. Seligmann, Peter Erskine
11:40Bayesian Networks for Assessing Natural Resource Injury: A New Framework for a Major U.S. National Program Bruce Marcot, Freya Rowland, Christopher Kotalik, Jo Hinck, David Walters
Session 2: Health
13:00Session opening Chair: Ross Pearson
13:05Co-development of causal Bayesian network with clinical experts -- a demonstrative example in paediatric pneumonia Yue Wu, Steven Mascaro, Tom Snelling, Meredith Borland, Charlie McLeod, Ariel Mace, Mark Nicol, Peter Richmond, Lea-Ann Kirkham, David Foley, Parveen Fathima, Michael Dymock, Mejbah Bhuiyan, Andrew Martin, Phoebe Williams, Julie Marsh, Christopher Blyth
13:25Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine Risk-Benefit Analysis Tool Helen Mayfield, Colleen Lau, Deborah Mills, Narayan Gyawali, Brian Johnson, hongen Lu, Kasim Allel, Philip Britton, Weiping Ling, Tina Moghaddam, Luis Furuya-Kanamori
13:45Developing Patient-Reported Outcomes for Paediatric Acute Lower Respiratory Infections Daniel Oakes, Yue Wu, Carla Puca, Paige Wood-Kenney, Emily Rice, Steven Mascaro, Charlie McLeod, Meredith Borland, Tom Snelling, Christopher Blyth
14:05Afternoon Tea
Session 3: Tools
14:25Session opening Chair: Owen Woodberry
14:30Netica Brent Boerlage
15:00BayesFusion Marek Druzdzel
Session 4: Fire Risk Modelling
15:30Session opening Chair: Yue Wu
15:35Testing design attributes for Green Firebreaks through a Bayesian Network analysis Kate Parkins, Erica Marshall, Trent Penman
15:55Developing a Bayesian Network for assessing cost-effectiveness of remote wildfire suppression by Rapid Aerial Response Teams (RART) Erica Marshall, Trent Penman
16:15Moving to a risk-based approach: using Bayesian network modelling to create a Fire Risk Estimator for threatened species fire management Victoria Reynolds
17:35Day 1 close

Thursday 2nd: Conference Day 2

9:00Day 2 Start
Session 5: COVID
9:00Session opening Chair: Helen Mayfield
9:05Modelling Long COVID Using Bayesian Networks Gladymar Perez Chacon, Yue Wu, Steven Mascaro, Tom Snelling, Ann Nicholson
9:25Causal Knowledge Engineering: A method for developing a causal knowledge base, illustrated with a case study from COVID-19 Steven Mascaro, Yue Wu, Ross Pearson, Owen Woodberry
9:45A Bayesian network model for estimating risk of long COVID Jane Sinclair, Samuel Brown, Helen Mayfield, Olivia Williams, Tina Moghaddam, Michael Waller, Carissa Bonner, John Litt, Kirsty Short, Colleen Lau
10:05Using Bayesian causal inference in vaccine safety modelling Evelyn Tay, M Dymock, K S Bakar, T Snelling, L Lopez, C Glover, J A Marsh, Y A Huang, Y Wu
10:25Morning tea
Session 6: Alternative Methods
10:45Session opening Chair: Bruce Marcot
10:50Inferring the structure of shorebird migratory routes from eBird data Sam Nicol
11:15Scrutinizing the impact of policy instruments on adoption of Agricultural conservation practices using Bayesian Expert Models Ange Dean
11:40Using Bayesian Geostatistics for Spatial Predictive Mapping of COVID-19 immunity using socioeconomic and environmental factors in the Dominican Republic Angela Cadavid
12:05Best of both worlds - using BN to help with a system dynamics problem Claire Brereton
13:30Panel discussion with Sam Nicol, Ange Dean, Angela Cadavid, Claire Brereton Chair: Bruce Marcot
14:15Constructing Bayesian network structure using published scientific literature review: A case study exploring tillage modifications as a natural flood management strategy. Qaisar Ali, Lindsay Todman, Martin Lukac
14:35Afternoon tea
Session 7: BN Developments
14:55Session opening Chair: Kate Parkins
15:00Causal Contexts: Considerations on Causal Explanations in Contexts Established by Pre-Selection, Post-Selection and Side-Selection, Illustrated with Diverse and Sundry Causal Bayesian Networks Using a New Causal Attribution Tool (CAT) Erik P Nyberg, Steven Mascaro, Kevin B Korb
15:20Bayesian Network Causal Structure Elicitation - the BASE Protocol (BAyesian Structure Elicitation) Ross Pearson, Steven Mascaro, Ann Nicholson
15:40Expanding the Spectrum for Analysing Parametric Bayesian Networks Bahare Salmani, Joost-Pieter Katoen
16:00Bayesian Network underpinning Integrating Decision Support Systems - an example from digital preservation Martine Barons
16:20Bayesian Networks for Analysing Causal and Dynamic Interconnectedness in Cryptocurrencies Rasoul Amirzadeh, Dhananjay Thiruvady, Asef Nazari
16:40 Day 2 close
18:00Dinner - The Ship Inn

Friday 3rd: Day 3 Workshops

Concurrent workshops
9:00Expert Elicitation Ross Pearson
9:00Bring your own BN Helen Mayfield and Bruce Marcot
12:00Student prizes Kate Parkins
12:05Conference close

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